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Twistys – Let’s Start With My Review of Twistys.Com

Welcome to my Twistys Blog, following is my review of Twistys.Com, scroll down for site updates, free photos and videos from the members area of :


Reviewed written on March the 19th, 2012 !
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Twistys is your ultimate destination for the worlds hottest nude models, pornstars and super hot babes in general. This is one of the longest running babe sites out there and by far the biggest of them all in terms of content numbers. Twistys runs on daily update schedule for 10 years already and there are no signs of stopping anytime soon. Currently, they update with 3 hot photo sets and 2 videos every single day. Any model or pornstar that means something in the adult industy want’s to pose for Twistys as it already became a brand comparable to your regular print men magazines.

Twistys contains photos and videos of more than 3400 models, there are 1 600 000 photos and 46 000 videos … this is an amount so massive, that you won’t be able to browse it all in your entire life ;) And keep in mind the database just keeps on growing. They even have their own line of exclusive “model of the month” series, named the Twistys Treats, showcasing the best of the best.

Access to Twistys costs $24.95 per month, and there is also a limited trial available ar $1 for 2 days, that will rebill at $39.95, so obviously the best option is picking the 1 month membership option. Every member to Twistys also automatically receives access to 7 more sites -

Busty Ones – selection of naturally big or fake boobed models.
Blue Fantasies – softcore variation of Twistys. Most of the content is already in Twistys members area.
Euro Foxes – site filled with the hottest European babes, most of them are at Twistys too.
When Girls Play – pretty good lesbian site of mediocre size.
Nicole Graves – solo site devoted to one of the most active Twistys models, she has awesome tits :)
Anette Dawn – another solo site with a sexy Hungarian babe with awesome tits, not updated anymore.
Naughty Staff – this was their try to start a reality site, there are some good scenes but its not updated anymore.

In a nutshell, Twistys is one of the best deals you can find, there is a massive amount of content, both videos and photos are available. The photos are in perfect quality and the new videos are good too. If you look for a site with gorgeous models and pornstars, you will hardly find a better site than Twistys.

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Jessie Rogers is the newest Twistys Treat – Matrch, 2012

Jessie Rogers is the newest Twistys Treat of the month, she was selected for the month of Matrch, 2012. This porn newcomer should come from Brazil and her butt certainly looks like a ripe bottom of a Latina, its perfectly round with plenty of meat to grab, but not fat by any means.

Jessie Rogers

She doesn’s look like a typical Latina thou, as she is blonde and her face looks European to me, but that’s not all that important, is it? The more important fact for me is that she is not afraid to pump her wet pussy while the camera is rolling so we can adore her hot body later on.

Jessie Rogers jumped into the porn industry right after she turned 18, which was in 2011 and only a year later we see her as the new Twistys Treat … that’s some success for any model I tell ya. She is quite hot for sure, but the most spectacular body part is the already mentioned butt of hers, I love how she likes to finger it a bit while masturbating :)

This Brazilian hottie is now part of Twistys forever, she joined the amazing collection of super hot models from all over the world. In case you like what you see here, make sure to pay the site a visit and browse it a bit. Just click on the link below and you are all set. Thanks for your visit.

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Twistys Treat February 2012 – Alicia Secrets

When I first saw Alicia Secrets I thought I saw an angel, she is simply the definition of a porn star I love. Blonde hair, awesome body, nicely shaved pussy, pretty face and … THE BOOBS .,, awesome work of some talented surgeon obviously, but I don’t care, I love ‘em big, natural or fake.

Alicia Secrets
Twistys really knows how to get me hot and interested, they constanly feed their members with new super hot models from all over the world. They have something for everyone, it’s simply impossible to not find a hot babe for everyone in their members section.

Let’s get back to this months Twistys Treat, back to miss Alicia Secrets. This super hot blonde is almost 30 years old now, but I would prefer having sex with her over any young gal for sure. Some mature girls simply do it for me and no “teen” can compare to them. Maybe it’s because I am getting older or what…

If you want to see this busty blonde in some more intimate action, you got to become a member of Twistys, which is actually a good idea. In case you are not sure, read the review I wrote, its on the very top of this site on the home page. is filled with the worlds hottest models, busty, flat chested, tall or short, from USA or Europe … as long as she is hot, they have her covered.

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Treat of the month January 2012 – Melisa Mendiny

Looking for a babe who doesn’t fuck around and goes right to the action? Meet the hot Twistys cover babe or Treat of the month January 2012 – Melisa Mendiny. I once saw her in a scene where she stuffed some vegetable deeo down her wet pussy, but that wasnt on Twistys for sure, so lets get back to the subject. Just wanted to ilustrate she really wasnt a shy gal, ok? :)

Melisa Mendiny
Melisa comes from teh czech Republic, there is a lot of hot babes living in that small country and she is another one of them. Looks like they have a recipe for hot pornstars over there, how else could a 10 million country produce so many hot babes for the porn industry… whatever the reason for this is, I am glad it is the way it is :)

This brunette has a really nice set of boobs and let me point out they are all natural. I also like her well shaped butt and the face isn’t bad either, even thou she makes funny faces sometimes. Twistys is not about faces only, so she still fits their lineup of hot models for sure in my opionion.

Melisa is ready to tease the hell out of any Twistys.Com member, she is quite a capable stripper but her biggest talent lies in her pussy that she loves to play with. She is quite a talented “masturbator” for sure, it doesn’t take her more than a few minutes to reach an orgasm. And I don’t have to tell you how hot it is to watch a female who just went over the top.

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Twisty introduces Ainsley Addison

Twistys brings you another hot blonde babe with big fake boobs, this time it is a mature sexy hottie named Ainsley Addison. This adult model started her career in 2005 and she is still active in the business, looking up to the top star rank in the nude modeling business.

Ainsley Addison
Posing as the Twistys Treat of the month is another big achievement for her and she is really proud of this one. I am also proud of her to be honest, especially her boobs make me feel special about her. My mind started to draw its own stories the minute I saw her drop the bra and play with the DD’s :)

Ainsley Addison is not doing any real hardcore boy girl scene, but she is quite active when it comes to solo posing and masturbation, dildos included. Thats what you can expect to find in the members area of for this model, plenty of teasing and hot dildo action, there are some really hot scenes with her for sure.

Ainsley comes from Dallas – Florida, but Twistys is full of super hotties from all around the world. There is more than 3000 models inside, something for everyone so to speak. If you haven’ done so already, make sure you read my review of the site – I have a password there for several years so I know the site in and out and I can guarantee, there is no better babe site out there.

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Busty model Brett Rossi, Twistys Treat – November 2011

In the last post I made, I asked for a busty model as the next Twistys.Com Treat and looks like they heard me or what ;) So here she comes, the new cover babe for the month of November 2011, let’s welcome Brett Rossi, an awesome blonde porn model with my favorite boob size DD :)

Brett Rossi
Brett looks like a typical American pornstar favored by the masses – blonde with pretty face, well shaped butt and surgically enhanced breasts to the magic size DD :) I am certainly ok with that formula and she can come over for a visit anytime.

The sad thing is, that she doesn’t shoot boy-girl porn, but she likes to play with the pussy of some pornstar friend and of course she loves to slam her wet hole with a dilso from time to time. This is also what you can expect to find for her in the Twistys mebers area, strip shows, masturbation and some girl-girl interraction.

Brett Rossi really made my day, I was just in the right mood for a busty blonde and Twistys fit in just about right, like they always do. Take a look at the site and I am sure you will love it. By the way, did you read the review I wrote about that site already? Its on the home page, take a look.

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Twistys Treat October 2011 Czech model Eufrat

Eufrat is one the most known Czech models and it was just a question of time to find her in the Twistys Treats section. They already have plenty of sets featuring this hottie, but this is the first time she became the cover girl of the month – October 2011.

Eufrat is not afraid of nothing when it comes to shooting porn, she stays away from boy-girl action, but other than that, whatever fits in her pussy, she gladly pushes there :) Of course you will not find such extreme stuff here on Twistys, but should you look for it, its not a problem to find it.

The scenes she shot for Twistys are more on the softcore side, in case you consider several fingers in her wet vagina softcore of course. She will strip various outfits for you, tease us with her awesome slim body and then masturbate herself over the top as we watch with our jaws dropped.

Twistys scored again I would say, Eufrat deserved to be the star of this month for sure. I can’t wait to see the next hot babe they select for November. It would be cool to pick a big boobed gal for a change. Whatever model it’s gonna be, I am sure it’s gonna be another hot babe that we can dream about together.

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Twistys Treat September 2011 – Malena Morgan

Another fresh babe entered the Twistys hall of fame, also called the Treats – Malena Morgan. This horny super babe turned 18 just two years ago but looking at her sexual skills, I can go hide ashamed even thou I am much older than her. Well, looks like the gals learn faster these days.

Malena Morgan

Anyways, I am not here to judge my sexual capabilities, so lets get back to Malena. She has an all natural body, not touched by any doctor and I fucking hope it’s gonna stay this way. Yes, she has small boobs, but it fits her slim body really well.


What she lacks in the boob department, she surely makes up with her pussy licking skills, there is an awesome lesbian scene with her waiting in the Twistys members section, you shouldn’t miss that one. I didn’t see such a desire to lick pussy in a long time.

This babe is one of the best Twistys Treats I have seen, some might argue that she is not all that hot, but I don’t care. This is the kind of girl I would like to get to my bed one day, not some old boring pornstar… this newcomer is not acting it, she is full of sexuality and it really shows in the scenes. Make sure you do not miss this one.

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Twistys Treat of the month August 2011 Angela Sommers

Today I have something special for all blonde babe lovers and in case you love big fake boobs, even better, this is gonna be your dream babe from now on. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome the Twistys Treat of the month August 2011 – the lovely Angela Sommers.

Angela Sommers
This New York native was born in 1984 so we might soon start calling her a mature babe, but she has a body that shows no signs of aging, not even mentioning her gravity denying boobs – she has implants thou so let’s ditch this argument :)

Just like many others from the Twistys Treats lineup of models, Angela Sommers doesn’t shoot boy-girl hardcore scenes. She does love to lick a pornstar pussy from time to time, but usually she sticks with solo posing, strips and masturbation shows.

The Twistys members area offers quite a lot of material featuring this hot blonde, in case you love what you see here you should definitely give them a try. After all, there is more than 3000 models in the members section so you are simply guaranteed to find plenty of babes of your desired proportions :)

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Dani Daniels, Twistys Treat of the Month for July 2011

Twistys.Com brings you another top class hottie Dani Daniels, to join the superb lineup of their monthly Treats. Coming from Orange County, this awesome babe will make your blood boil as soon as you see her strip, play with her clit or fuck herself with a dildo. Especially the scene where she rides some dildo on a piano is epic :)

Dani Daniels
This porn model is not into boy-girl hardcore, but she literally loves to shoot a lesbian scene from time to time and masturbation is her favorite activity to perform in front of a camera. She also shot several strip and masturbation scenes for Twistys, I am sure you will love all of them.

Dani Daniels was born in 1989 so she is still quite a young hottie, but she already made a big name for herself in the adult industry. Thats how she made it to become a Twistys Treat actually, as they do not pick just any regular model. I am sure you will agree that Dani has what it takes to earn this rank.

Twistys has more than just these sets with Dani, you can enjoy more shoots with her, including several lesbian action scenes. And there is a ton more hot babes in their members section of course. Enjoy.

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Twistys Treat of the month June 2012 Tiffany Thompson

Let’s welcome the Twistys Treat of the month June, 2012 – the lovely Tiffany Thompson. This slender beauty will light up your day with her amazing looks, the pretty face and slim sexy body crowned by a medium sized pair of natural tits.

Tiffany Thompson
She’s quite a young beauty and she apparently didn’t waste any time before filling her dream as an adult model – Tiffany was born in 1992 – and jumped in the adult modeling industry right after she turned 18. Unlike many models before, she didn’t play with softcore all that much and started to shoot rather hardocre masturbation scenes straight away.

This is also the main theme of the series she shot for Twistys, there was a ton of hot masturbation moments but of course a lot of teasing too. Tiffany Thompson know how hot she is very well and she loves to tease the male audience to the max. She thinks high of her body, her favorite part is the boobs and I have to admit they certainly look delicious.

Twistys really hit the nail on the head again with this hot Anaheim babe, she has a bright career in front of her for sure and this posing job will mean a lot for her. In case you liked her, make sure you visit the members area of Twistys as there are thousands of other models and some of them are even hotter than this one.

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